The Author

Hey there! My name is Kenneth, I’m a 25-year-old Métis web developer and content strategist from Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently reside in Calgary, Alberta. I’ve recently compeleted a Full Stack Developer Program at EvolveU, and I’m looking to help those that need web development work done, or searching for ideas and management for their next content project.

I also enjoy a variety of creative side-projects, having composed various soundtracks and Neo-classical music under the pseudonym Augustin, and has a photography portfolio that can be seen at Project Qvl.

I’m also working on a self-published book of poetry with excerpts that can be found at Warsaw Mountain. And maintain a dream-like blog dedicated to vaporwave and album art called Pale Site.

Always available to discuss new opportunities! Don’t be afraid to shoot me an e-mail at:


This blog was originally started in 2015 on Medium called Everyday Essays after I graduated from high school, after years of telling myself “I really wanna start a blog!”

Since then, I have migrated to WordPress with the name Wander Notebook, and also self-host on GitHub using a bare-bones layout and design I made myself, under the name Notebook Casa.

With no expertise or formal education, I have written a multitude of posts on various topics over the years. My most frequented topics are happiness, creativity, productivity, and writing itself.

You can view a visual, graph-based history of posts on my Beeminder.


Many people will tell you that the communicative medium of blogging died out many years ago, replaced by more convenient, short-hand modes of interaction and technology.

I am on a quiet, reluctant fight against that. I believe that people should take a step back from the privately-controlled, information-overloaded platforms of social media that have monopolized the internet and instead carve out a piece of digital real estate for themselves.

Although the age of (poorly designed) Geocities and Livejournal are over, people still have a unique voice that should thrive independently, and not rely on the handful of websites that everyone uses. The Internet is for everyone.