Adventure | Source

We can all be explorers.

Daydreamers can often be those that are unsatisfied with their life. They search and share motivational posts from social media, they look up the diverse cultures of the world and yearn to travel and interact with them. They might see it all, sure, but only from a distance — and then there’s a sudden and miserable pull back to reality.

The current world we live has been designed and marketed for this kind of dichotomy. To make it feel as though we live a ‘boring, normal’ life that’s miles away from excitement and adventure.

‘There’s too much responsibility’ or ‘there’s not enough time’, are two of many excuses. Or that the aspiring traveller doesn’t have the budget to wander across the world. The truth is, though, that the entire world is filled with undiscovered fascination, including where you are right now — even if you’ve lived there your entire life.

Our surroundings can seem pointless and boring if we’re around them too often, but how many things go unnoticed — what would you be able to see if you looked at your environment with new eyes?

When’s the last time you wandered about your city or hamlet you live in — or even better — its outskirts? There are an abundance of unwalked roads and obscure trails that become neglected from a jaded perspective.

Whether it’s in nature or it’s urban exploration, it’s impossible to say what — or who — serendipity has waiting around the block or a few miles away. Document it, too. Write about the newfound world you’ve always lived in — maybe take up photography or videography, as well.

This is not a task that requires much time or energy, either. It’s quite surprising how far one can go in a dedicated weekend. All that’s really needed is to be able to let go of your worries, and instead traverse with a childlike curiosity. That’s all it takes.

Or perhaps the next adventure comes from within — relying on your actions, instead. To take the bold action that you always tell yourself that you’ll eventually do.

There’s an honest adrenaline rush when we push ourselves, when we take the next step that seems dangerous. But it’s what we need to do if we’re going to live — why settle?

A true spirit of adventures starts when you begin chasing your fears — the things that you might regret — instead of running away from them. Perhaps the next frontier you need to embark is within your own mind.

The beauty and importance of every day being an adventure is that you no longer have to yearn and wait. If you only view the romantized travel across continents as adventure, then how often are you going to be adventuring throughout your life? How much of your life are you, then, going to view as wasted?

You, the people, have the power to create happiness! You have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.

— Charlie Chaplin